Kat and Drew’s

Wedding Team


Ceremony & Reception Venue – Warehouse 109

Florist – Beth with Oakland Rd HyVee

Dress – XOXO Bridal 

Hair & Makeup - Zen Salon & Spa

Catering – Wooden Paddle Pizza

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The Story

Kat and Drew met while working at a physical therapy clinic. They both worked the evening shifts, which were slow, allowing them the chance to get to know each other quickly; which also led to their first date of pizza and watching Breaking Bad. Kat says, “Pizza bonds people”!

The next chapter in their story began when Drew proposed during their typical Thursday date night, of Netflix and sushi at home.

During the ceremony they say it felt like they were the only people in the room. It was the most memorable part of their wedding day making it feel complete.

Kat gushes, “I knew Drew was the one most likely too soon. I’ll never forget the first time he told me he loved me, and I knew I loved him back. There is no grand gesture necessary from Drew, just stripped down raw love and emotion that he continues to show me day in and out”.

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I’ve Been waiting until after my wedding to truly comment on how amazing these guys are. It is not everyday you find somebody with such a creative talent. But it is extremely rare to find a family who cares, is kindhearted, and sincerely interested in making your wedding day and experience amazing. These guys would bend over backwards for us or any couple they are working for. Not only did they produce some amazing engagement photos, but they made our wedding day go seamless - no awkward moments, just fun times getting photos taken with the people you love most. I cannot wait to see the video and pictures they have captured. Words cannot express how much we love Arsalan & Krystal and how thankful we are that they shared our wedding day with us.


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five stars

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