Creative Tip | A Different Perspective

A Different Perspective

Getting a different perspective can add an entirely new dynamic to your film story.

We’ve listed a couple tips for you on getting a different angle in your videos. Anyone can apply these! Even if you are a stay-at-home mom who is doing simple videos for your Facebook page, or a new YouTuber creating content.

  1. Take a step back from your shot, and look at it from different perspectives. If there is natural light coming in from outside, casting abstract + stunning shadows, incorporate them into your video to create a more diverse look.

  2. If you are using your hands to create something (i.e. slicing & dicing vegetables for a video recipe, or unboxing a new gear for a review video). Position the camera in a "birds-eye" or "gods-eye" view to show the image looking DOWN. This creates a very beautiful image and allows the viewer into your world.

  3. Composition is everything! You don’t always have to be dead center in your frame. In fact, that sometimes causes the viewer to feel claustrophobic. Have your subject on the right or left of the screen, or even consider adding extra room on top (which can later be used to add text).

  4. If you are filming b-roll there are so many different ways you can cut your footage to bring that moment to life. Consider doing close ups and then wide shots of the same image. This is a great way to create establishing scenes so your viewer can place themselves there with you.

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The Monawars