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3 Reasons Why Video Should Be In Your Marketing

It is no surprise that video has become a vital part of any brand, business and influencer. Using video for content as part of your marketing is something that will bring your ideal client and buyer closer to the sale, versus simply posting written content or photography (which serve their own purpose when used accordingly).

Aside from better SEO, better engagement, and a superior attention from your clients; Here are Three Reasons why you need to be using video as part of your content strategy as you grow a thriving brand and business.

1. One Billion New People

By the end of 2019, there will be 1 billion new people around the world with access to the internet…let that sink in for a second. If you are a brand or a small business, you do not need 1 billion people as your clients. You don’t even need a million, but if you had 100 to 1,000 new clients right now, imagine what that could do for your business! With these 1 billion new consumers in the internet marketplace, a vast majority of them will be consuming content through video. You could be at the forefront of this ever growing moment as you get your message out to all these new potential customers.

2. The Possibilities of LIVE Video

We absolutely love creating brand video and producing story-driven content for our clients (small and large). However, if you are just getting started and do not have the ability to invest in a bigger video project that tells your story, there is no need to worry. You can bring new clients and customers into your world by simply using LIVE video. The three platforms where you can use the LIVE video format are Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Please note, you do not have to be going LIVE on each one of these. Pick one and start sharing your message. Do you need help with what to talk about on your LIVE streams? We are putting together a free guide on what you should and shouldn’t do when you go LIVE, head over to our Subscribe page and check out the guide.

3. The Emotional Connection

If you are a brand or a business, you should know that in order to move your ideal customer closer to a sale, you have to build the KLT scale. KLT stands for: Know, Love, and Trust. With video becoming such a visually dynamic medium where you can show your face, your voice and your personality on camera, you are able to break this wall down when someone is wanting to invest with you. This is where LIVE video is so powerful because your community can connect with you, but the rate at which you are raising your KLT through video is amazing.

Just like your message and your mission, video does not have to be complicated.  This is one of the best times in your brand and business to utilize video. If we can help in anyway as you include video, please let us know, as it would be our honor to walk you through the steps in simple detail.

With love & friendship

The Monawars